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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you get real pussy juice into your bottle?

Answer: We actually have women between the ages of 18 years old and 30 years old harvest the fluid directly from their vaginas and into a special patented absorbent dildo. Each woman arouses herself and when she reaches orgasm the device collects the fluid.

How do you bottle the personal moisturizer and keep it fresh?

Answer: The pussy juice is processed, cleaned to standards used for blood purification and then bottled. The freshness of the personal moisturizer is 100% guaranteed by us. You will never experience the same type of friction unless you actually have intercourse with a woman or are orally stimulated by a human. No other personal moisturizer can compare.

Can I use this personal moisturizer in a condom or a woman’s vagina?

Answer: Yes! This personal moisturizer is completely safe and has no limitations on use. It is a natural product and as safe to use as water. It has no artificial ingredients and will not interfere or degrade any condoms or dildos.

Can I use it anally?

Answer: Yes!

What is the difference between Latina, Asian, or Ebony versus regular Pussy Juice Lube?

Answer: Actual Ebony women provide pussy juice for the Ebony Lube personal moisturizer and actual Asian women for the Asian Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer. Each bottle contains Pussy Juice personal moisturizer from the ethnicity of the women that supply the actual pussy juice.

Why is Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer better than regular water based lubricants?

Answer: If you enjoy real sex with real women, no condoms between your penis and the vagina, then the closest experience you can have is to use Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer while you masturbate or apply before you place a condom on your penis. If a woman needs additional fluids in her vagina then Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer will provide the real feel and same friction properties she would be able to generate at the height of orgasm.

Why should I try 100% Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer and 100% Saliva personal moisturizer?

Answer: Because you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you do not agree that 100% Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer is the best friction inducing fluid you have ever experienced, just send back the unused portion for a no questions asked refund.

Is Pussy Juice Safe?

Answer: 100% Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer and 100% saliva personal moisturizer are guaranteed to be safe for your personal use. Each Pussy Juice and Saliva donor is thoroughly tested for all possible STD’s and to further ensure safety the natural fluid and saliva are tested to the same EuBIS Blood Collection standards used in laboratories. Each bottle is subsequently processed using cation-exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography. 100% Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer and 100% Saliva personal moisturizer are as safe to use as any synthetic personal lubricant on the market, yet the pleasure derived from the natural feel provided by the Pussy Juice Lube personal moisturizer cannot be underestimated.NO HUMAN CELLS OF ANY KIND ARE CONTAINED IN THE PRODUCTS SOLD

How long does it take to receive my order?

Answer: Every bottle of Pussy Juice Lube is made to order. You receive a freshly harvested bottle of vaginal fluid processed for your safety and ease of use. We ship all of our bottles under our "Free Shipping" best carrier rules which insure that your shipment is delivered within two to three business days from the time of shipment from our laboratory. The entire process from the moment you first order your bottles of the world's best personal moisturizers to the time the bottle is in your hands, ranges from seven to ten business days at the latest and from four to five business days on average.

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